Family Law Case Studies

Family Law Attorney Allison Fredrickson has litigated a broad range of child custody and parenting time matters in her fifteen years of practice. She has also settled countless cases without the need for litigation. Below are examples of cases where our clients were satisfied with the outcome and the children “won”.

Each case has its own unique set of circumstances. Just because one cases facts are similar to another does not mean that the result will be the same. In family law cases, you are dealing with two parents, often two attorneys, a mediator or other professional and a Judge. This is why it is best if the parties agree on things together and use the common goal of their child’s best interest to guide them.

Child Custody Case Study – Modification of Parenting Plan

In a recent case, two parents initially put together their own parenting plan, when they were divorcing and their children were very young. At the time, the parties thought it was best and that they didn’t need attorneys and thought they could efficiently co-parent with an open line of communication. What they didn’t take into account was all the changes that would take place in the future - because they didn’t have a family law attorney to guide them and anticipate struggles they may have down the road.

Fast forward several years, their young children are in school, there are new partners with children of their own, new jobs and schedules and the list goes on. Their communication became contentious and disjoined, they were no longer able to co-parent and make decisions together. They each eventually ended up consulting family law attorneys After sitting down in two mediation sessions, it was determined that the parties had grown too distant to be able to effectively co-parent under their current arrangement and have communication back and forth between them regarding their children and their well-being.

Attorney Fredrickson prepared pleadings outlining her client’s position and argued each of the best interest factors and how her client’s position supported the children’s’ best interest. The arguments centered on what was best for the children, rather than what was convenient for either of the parents. The Judge ordered the schedule as Attorney Fredrickson proposed, which lessened the amount of communicating back and forth that the parents had to do. The parents also entered into blended family therapy to try and figure out a new protocol for communication, keeping in mind that they were still the parents of two young children and needed to keep the decision making between them, not involving their new significant others.

Child Custody Case Study – Mediation & Parenting Plan

Another recent case involved a divorcing couple who had some simple financial issues in their dissolution case, but their parenting time issues were more complicated. Each of them had concerns about the others ability to parent. Attorney Fredrickson negotiated the financial issues in one session of mediation so that the parties could feel successful moving forward - that they had been able to come together and accomplish something. This helped pave the way for the child-focused mediation session. Before doing this session, because the parties differed so much in basic parenting views, it was suggested by the attorneys that the parties take a parenting class/coaching session that would give them some basic structures for co-parenting and help them both have the same information going into mediation. Through this, they were able to develop some common rules about parenting their children so that they could have consistency in both homes. They also came up with some rules about communication between the two of them to ease tension. This outside source helped them when they had to navigate through their parenting plan in mediation and proceed with an uncontested divorce with neither party having to appear in court, saving them a lot of money and time.

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