What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential process that assists people in coming up with solutions to their disagreements. Mediation is different than Court because the parties are in charge of the outcome. When parties take their disagreements to Court, they are putting their most personal matters into the hands of a Judge to make a decision that will affect their family.

Mediation offers a quick and satisfactory resolution of issues without the expense, time and adverse nature of litigation. Mediation provides a safe venue, to express interests and ideas on settlement. Since the process is confidential, parties are usually more apt to share their proposed resolutions and areas of compromise, knowing it can’t be used against them if they don’t settle.

Mediation is completed with a mediator, who is a neutral third party and cannot give legal advice. However, they can suggest settlement options based on their expertise and knowledge. Mediators can help identify issues that need to be resolved, prioritize, keep the focus on one issue at a time and facilitate conversation about different settlement options. A skilled mediator can help parties move forward through a difficult issue and minimize long term distress. It is important to have a mediator that is familiar with the types of issues you are mediating so they can facilitate the discussion in a way the parties can understand.

Parties who settle their cases in mediation are much more likely to avoid court in the future because they have made compromises they are comfortable with. Contact our Family Law Mediator today to learn more about her process.

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