What is No-Fault Coverage in Minnesota?

By Tom Weidner | Personal Injury

Commonly referred to as PIP or no-fault, personal injury protection benefits are a required provision of automobile policies in the State of Minnesota. It is widely misunderstood and more commonly benefits are not maximized. Personal Injury Protection provides basic economic loss benefits. If you are injured in a collision, this portion of your own policy pays for medical expenses, lost wages, and replacement services. These costs are paid no matter who is at fault. This is what is known as “NO FAULT” coverage. Here are some facts about personal injury protection, in Minnesota:

  1. Minnesota is one of twelve states (plus Puerto Rico) that has no-fault insurance laws.
  2. The Minnesota No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act was established in 1975 as a way to ease the burden of the courts and ensure prompt access to treatment for injured parties.
  3. No-Fault goes by many different names including, personal injury protection, PIP and Basic Economic Loss Benefits.
  4. Basic/minimum No-Fault coverage is up to a total of $40,000 ($20,000 in medical benefits and $20,000 in wage loss and/or replacement services). There are additional options to purchase more coverage.
  5. Your no-fault policy will pay for medical treatment as long as it is reasonable, necessary and related to the accident. You have the option to choose where you would like to treat and are not limited to providers, like normal health insurance coverage.
  6. You can be reimbursed for mileage to and from your medical appointments.
  7. If you missed work following the accident or as a result of medical appointments, no-fault will reimburse you for your lost wages up to $500 per week.
  8. If you had to hire someone to help with household duties or some duties went undone during your recovery, you can be reimbursed up to $200 per week.
  9. As long as an accident occurs within the State of Minnesota, regardless of the injured individual’s residence they have the option to select Minnesota No-Fault coverage. *There are some exclusions to this.
  10. Most no-fault policies have a lapse of treatment clause. Meaning if you do not treat for injuries sustained in the accident for a period of time one year benefits will lapse.
  11. There are limited exclusions to the Minnesota no-fault policy including injuries from a motorcycle, snowmobile or four-wheel accidents.

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