Take a Pledge to Drive Distraction Free

Joe Van Thomme | Prosecution

As we enter another busy holiday season filled with parties, travel and general merry-making, the first step in safe driving is to simply put the phone away and PAY ATTENTION! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), thousands of people are killed on American highways each year due to distracted drivers. That number is sure to grow during any holiday season, when weather and impaired drivers pose additional hazards.

Prosecutors routinely see distracted driving crimes that could have been avoided with a few simple precautions. Drivers can protect themselves and others by:

  • Turning your phone off before you begin driving. This may mean you will miss a text or phone call, which is sort of the point! Enjoy the quiet time and relax!
  • Organize before you drive. If you need to use your phone for directions, enter your route information and then safely stow the phone before you hit the road.
  • Let your passengers help with directions or other “phone tasks.”
  • If you need to multi-task, pull over!
  • Teen drivers should consider signing a pledge to not use their cell phone while driving.

Finally, a bit of levity and relaxation will go a long way toward soothing your traffic-addled nerves as you go about your holiday business. So take a deep breath and remember what the holiday season is all about the next time you’re stuck behind that left-lane-ridin’ distracted driver.

From all of us at Eckberg Lammers, P.C., have a safe and wonderful holiday season. Oh, and keep your eyes on the road!

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