Stay Informed and Safe this Election Day

In a year that has not failed to surprise and exhaust us all with each new day, 2020 is also a presidential election year. As we inch closer to Election Day on November 3, we wish to remind you that fair and safe elections have long been a hallmark of American democracy, so stay informed and safe this election day. Here’s a few things to remember if you will be voting in person on November 3rd:

Who may be present at or within 100 feet of a polling place?

(Minnesota Statute 204C.06, subds. 1, 5—6, 8)

  • Election officials
  • Voters
  • Persons waiting to vote and their minor children
  • Persons conducting exit polling
  • A sergeant-at-arms if appointed by an election judge to keep the peace
  • Peace officers if summoned by an election judge, otherwise peace officers must stay 50 feet away from entrance to polling place
  • News media representative observing the process, but they must not approach within six feet of voter, speak to a voter, make a list of voters or non-voters or otherwise interfere with the voting process

(Wisconsin Statutes 7.36; 7.15; 7.41)

  • Voters
  • Persons waiting to vote and their minor children
  • Inspectors
  • Municipal clerk
  • Other election officials
  • Persons conducting exit polling
  • Election observers, only if their presence is properly recorded and they remain in the designated observation area

What conduct is not allowed at Polling Places?

(Minnesota Statutes 211B.11; 204C.06, subds. 3-4, 7)

  • Active campaigning at the site or within 100 feet of the polling place
  • Wearing campaign materials
  • Unlawfully interfering with voters, including threatening, coercing or intimidating voters
  • Possession or consumption of alcohol or being intoxicated
  • Tearing down, mutilating, defacing or otherwise damaging any voter instruction poster
  • Removing a ballot, election file or register
  • Damaging, defacing or mutilating a ballot, election file or register
  • Adding anything to a ballot, election file or register

(Wisconsin Statutes 12.03; 12.035; 12.09; 12.11; 12.13)

  • Electioneering, or engaging in any activity which is intended to influence voting, at the site or within 100 feet of the polling place
  • Posting or distributing any written matter which describes, or purports to describe, the rights or responsibilities of individuals voting or registering to vote, at the site or within 100 feet of the polling place, except by the municipal clerk or other election officials
  • Unlawfully interfering with voters, including distracting, bribing, threatening, coercing or intimidating voters as well as using duress or fraud to impede or prevent someone from freely exercising their right to vote
  • Showing your marked ballot to any person or placing a mark upon your ballot so it is identifiable
  • Soliciting a person to show how his or her vote is cast
  • Defacing, destroying, altering, or removing any legally placed election campaign poster
  • Removing a ballot, registration list, or any of the supplies or conveniences placed in compartments or polling booths
  • Altering or destroying a registration list
  • Fraudulently altering a ballot

Visit for all of your Election Day information; include how to register to vote, locating your polling place, early voting locations, and/or locations of drop boxes for mail in ballots.

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