LETAC Announces Quarter 2 Training: Authorized Use of Deadly Force by Peace Officers

January 12, 2022 - Stillwater, MN: Our Law Enforcement Training Academy & Consulting announces registration is now open for Quarter 2. In anticipation of high attendance, we are expanding the training to six different locations throughout the state of Minnesota. Each location is selected with health, safety, and accessibility in mind for our attendees. This includes COVID mitigation, all-inclusive pricing (breakfast, lunch, snacks), parking, and an on-site training coordinator.

Authorized Use of Deadly Force by Peace Officers

This six-part course will examine the use of force in Minnesota from a multi-faceted lens, including the historical vantage point, recent case law, and a statutory examination of the recent amendment. The instructor’s approach includes a legal analysis of crimes that could be charged, along with hypotheticals to engage the audience. Although this class is not meant to equip law enforcement with a final answer for every scenario, it will provide peace officers with how authorized use of deadly force is used by prosecutors and judges in determining if criminal charges may be appropriate. This course will bring a unique perspective from a former defense attorney and prosecutor who has both prosecuted and defended Murder in the Second Degree, Murder in the Third Degree and Manslaughter cases, and present-day police sergeants who have trained police officers with regard to use of force/combative training.

Participants will​:

  • Learn through empirical examples on authorized use of deadly force in Minnesota since 1978;
  • Gain an understanding of criminal penalties available to prosecutors on cases with unauthorized use of deadly force include examining Minn. Stat. §609.06, §629.32, §629.33 and §609.066;
  • Study the recent changes to Minn. Stat. §609.066;
  • Discuss hypotheticals involving authorized and unauthorized use of deadly force which will include duty of intercede, dealing with individuals who has physical or mental health issues, de-escalation tactics, and less than lethal force used;
  • Discuss how neuroscience applies to law enforcement training, and how law enforcement agencies can improve in their training protocols; and
  • Hear from a member in law enforcement who has been involved in the criminal incident involving death and learn from his unique perspective.

If you want to invest in yourself, your organization and the community by attending one of these events, you can register today by following the links below or visiting our website.

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Imran Ali, Director of Law Enforcement Education & Training at Eckberg Lammers Law Firm

Max Yakovlev, Burnsville Police Sergeant

Cullan McHarg, Bloomington Police Sergeant

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