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Rebecca Christensen Named to Board of Directors of the TCORCA

Christensen will serve as Director – Prosecution Division.

A few highlights of new Minnesota laws, effective January 1, 2016

Non-Judicial Settlement Agreements

Some individuals may be ‘stuck’ with Irrevocable trusts that no longer meet the intended goals of their trust. Or perhaps the goals themselves no longer make sense in light of changed circumstances.  The new Minnesota Trust Code allows more flexibility for trusts to be altered or terminated by agreement between all current and remainder beneficiaries without…

The City of Lake Elmo names Eckberg Lammers as City Prosecutor

The Lake Elmo City Council approved a recommendation to move forward with a new city prosecutor and has selected Eckberg Lammers Law firm to fulfill that role.

Case Law Update: State v. Thompson

In State v. Thompson. the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that the State cannot prosecute drivers for refusing to submit to a warrantless urine test.

Did You Know - Cities May Acquire Real Property By Contracts for Deed

Cities frequently issue long-term general obligation bonds to provide funds to acquire real property, but another option is available.

Eckberg Lammers Launches New Employment Law Hotline Service

Called HR Counsel, the telephone hotline caters to businesses, municipalities and HR professionals in MN and WI.

Eckberg Lammers Attorneys Honored By Minnesota Super Lawyers Magazine

Five attorneys receive 2015 Super Lawyers/Rising Stars designation.

What is an Irrevocable Trust?

An irrevocable trust is a separate legal entity, with its own tax identification number, set up by the Settlor (the trust creator) to hold assets. Once assets are transferred to an Irrevocable trust, they cannot be taken back, and the terms of the Irrevocable trust generally cannot be changed after the document is executed. Assets that are transferred to the trust are considered ‘gifts’ to the trust.…

What is a Revocable Trust?


First, some recent changes to the Minnesota estate tax environment to consider:

1.  Minnesota had a gift tax for a short time – it has not been retroactively repealed

2.  Estate Tax exemption amount (the amount a person can pass on to heirs free of estate tax) is changing. It was $1 Million per person for a long time. Now it is rising as follows:

  • 2015…

What is a Will?

The purpose of a Will is to pass assets per your wishes, and to select the person you want to be responsible for distributing your assets.

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