Alternative Dispute Resolution

Helping individuals and families avoid the cost and stress of contentious court proceedings...

At Eckberg Lammers, our goal is to always deliver the most effective and practical legal representation so we can achieve the most favorable outcome for your specific legal issue. Sometimes that requires filing a lawsuit, which can be time consuming, expensive and emotionally draining. That’s why we’re proud to offer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a faster, more cost-effective way to resolve even the most difficult of individual and family conflicts.

Our attorneys, Rule 114 Qualified Neutrals in the state of Minnesota, have the ability to see the “whole” of any given case, identify and negotiate the key areas of contention, and help reach an agreement beneficial to both parties’ interests. We actively assist clients in the following areas:

From the earliest evaluation of a dispute to binding arbitration, ADR takes many forms and processes. You can rely on Eckberg Lammers to guide you through any or all of them, including:

  • Early neutral evaluation
  • Mediation
  • Moderated settlement conferences
  • Non-binding & binding arbitration
  • Consensual special magistrate proceedings
  • Special master proceedings

If you don’t believe that your case can be resolved through these alternative methods, Eckberg Lammers also provides complete Civil Litigation services.

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