Family Law

Our team is able to assist with a host of family law issues such as:

Step-Parent Adoption

There are times when it makes sense to shift parental responsibilities from a biological parent to a willing step-parent. A number of factors have to be met in order for this process to proceed and our family law team is able to assist you.

Enforcement/ Contempt Actions

If one party fails to comply with conditions set forth in a Court Order, we can help assist in the process of enforcement of the action.

Child support establishment

Whether parents are together or not, each child deserves the benefit of a dual income for support. We can help guide you through the process and prepare you for the future.

Cohabitation Agreements

With more and more couples living together without being married, the need for individuals to have legally enforceable agreements in the case of separation has increased.

Unmarried couples sometimes use a “cohabitation agreement.” Many of the issues that need to be contained in a cohabitation agreement can be discussed and mediated between the parties because there is not a dissolution of the relationship at the time when you are seeking to draft the agreement.

Paternity Determination

Fathers of children born outside of marriage must formally establish their paternity and/or parental rights. It is important to talk to an attorney before your child is born. If you plan on being present at the hospital and acknowledged as the father, hospital staff will present you with legally binding paperwork regarding paternity. Worrying about legal documents is the last thing you want to do after the birth of your child, so it is important to be prepared, especially if paternity is anything less than certain. It is also important to speak with an attorney about your legal rights as father if parenting time can be incorporated into your request.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

If you or your future spouse have a specific plan in mind for the division of your assets, it is a good idea to consider a Prenuptial of Postnuptial agreement. A “Prenup” is a private agreement drafted before the marriage and a “Postnup” is a private agreement drafted after the marriage. It is important for couples to meet with an attorney individually to make sure these agreements are drafted correctly to do what was intended.

Grandparents Rights

Sometimes there are special situations where grandparents can formally request legal rights to see their grandchildren. In Minnesota, grandparent rights are not on the same level as parent rights because it is widely presumed that parents are the best judge of who should spend time with their children. The most common situation involves assuming parenting time in place of a deceased son or daughter or grandparents who have acted as sole caregivers for their grandchildren over a year.

Tools to Help

We understand life is demanding and the added stress of legal proceedings may leave you feeling overwhelmed. That’s why we provide the following services to try and make the process less stressful:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Flexible Meeting Times
  • Video Conferencing
  • After hours appointments


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In Our Clients' Words

"About 2 years ago, I reached out to the Family Law Team at Eckberg Lammers after another local professional referred me to them. We’ve been working together ever since and they are nothing short of phenomenal. They are professional, realistic, and knowledgeable and I cannot say enough good things about them. I highly recommend the family law team at Eckberg Lammers."

- M.V.

"The team at Eckberg Lammers did an amazing job helping us with our situation. Their kindness, intelligence and honesty...was very much appreciated."

- Family Law clients, Minneapolis


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