Flat-Fee Divorce Pricing

do you and your spouse agree on the majority of issues starting the divorce process?

When you and your spouse agree on the majority of issues during the divorce process and are able to keep matters in your own hands, and not in the hands of the court, an uncontested divorce may help keep costs down.

That is why we offer a flat fee billing option for uncontested divorces. Flat fee billing allows you the opportunity to know up front what your divorce will cost, so you can budget accordingly and eliminate some of the stress that comes along with the unknowns.

If you are interested in learning more about flat-fee divorce pricing, we will be happy to meet with you for a free initial consultation. Once we have discussed your goals and objectives, we will be able to advise whether your situation qualifies for our flat fee billing option. Click here to review the process from start to finish.

The table shown below provides a general pricing structure for how we offer our clients flat-fee pricing, which is at a cost less than the historical and traditional divorce model.

Assets / Flat-Fee Pricing BasisYou Do Not Have ChildrenYou Have Children
No Property$2000 - $3000$3000 - $4000
House Only$2500 - $3500$3500 - $4500
Retirement Only$2500 - $3500$3500 - $4500
House + Retirement Funds$3000 - $4000$4500 - $5500
House + Retirement + Investment Funds$3500 - $4500$5000 - $6000
House + Cabin + Retirement + Investments$3500 - $4500$5500 - $6500
House + Additional Properties + Retirement + Investments$4500 - $6000$6500 - $8000
House + Additional Properties + Retirement + Investments + Business$5500 - $7000$7500 - $10000

Notes: Pricing fee amounts are subject to change depending on individual situations – additional fees may be considered. Table does not include children from separate relationships.

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