Foundation, Wellness, and Resilience - Becoming the Best You

This seven-hour course is directed towards members of law enforcement that want to master foundational skills needed to perform their sworn duties and recognize on the job trauma by focusing on officer well-being.

  • When

    Wednesday, Feb 23,
    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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    DoubleTree by Hilton
    150 South Broadway
    Rochester, MN 55904



    $239.00 per attendee (includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, & parking)

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Course Learning Goals

This seven-hour course is directed towards members of law enforcement who want to master foundational skills needed to perform their sworn duties and recognize trauma by focusing on officer wellbeing. Whether you are a new officer who has joined law enforcement in the last five years, or an experienced officer wanting to hone your foundational skills, this course will provide useful tools and engage participants in being their best, both at work and at home.

PART ONE of this course will enhance foundational policing and knowledge.

Participants in this section will learn topics that include:

  • Understanding the importance of writing police reports;
  • Discussing best-practice methods utilized in courtroom testimony;
  • Grasping the complex criminal court process; and
  • Learn about the importance of resilience moving forward in their profession.

An essential facet of every sworn officer is creating complete police reports and able to articulate those findings in the courtroom. Participants will hear from an experienced prosecutor and a veteran member of law enforcement who will utilize real examples from cases they have worked, and engage each participant to discuss strategies needed to be successful in the courtroom.

PART TWO of this course will examine officer-related trauma and wellness.

Participants in this section will learn topics that include:

  • Understanding how trauma exposure and stress may influence officer decisions and behavior;
  • Discussing strategies that support good officer mental and physical health; and
  • Comprehend when help is needed and where and what resources are available to seek help.

For years, officer mental and physical health were not discussed or trained on, but the exposure to trauma related to police work has led to a host of personal and professional issues. The most important step is understanding what trauma is, and how to avoid complacency and cynicism. Participants will hear from an experienced prosecutor and a member of law enforcement who will identify areas of trauma and provide participants with useful tools needed to prevent the trauma from affecting them and their families.

Course Timeline

The following timeline provides a breakdown of the overall course, and includes information regarding the major units of instruction during each time period.

Criminal Court 101 - From Arrest to Charging and Sentencing

Duration: 1 Hour

In this course, you will learn the role of the prosecutor, timelines that are important to charging, and what happens in the courtroom. This course is intended to illustrate what happens behind the scenes and has been a favorite taught regularly for patrol officers.

Participants will:

  • Learn all stages of criminal court.
  • Understand all types of criminal dispositions (i.e., stay of adjudication, stay of imposition, stay of execution, etc.).
  • Examine the Minnesota Sentencing Guideline Grid.
  • Identify what a plea negotiation is and why they are offered.

Writing the Perfect Report - Law Enforcement Report Writing Techniques Explained

Duration: 1 Hour

Often overlooked, report writing is one of the most important duties of law enforcement. It provides a record that the officer and prosecutor rely on for criminal charging. Learn how to write a report that is detailed and descriptive. Learn about common mistakes that lead to legal issues in the courtroom and learn to write the perfect report. A good report on the street likely leads to a conviction in court.

Participants will:

  • Identify tips and strategies used to compile information into a police report
  • Review examples of police reports to identify mistakes
  • Learn how to avoid mistakes when documenting information

In Court Testimony - Making Points with the Judge and Jury

Duration: 2 Hours

Testifying in court can be overwhelming. With all of the attention on you, it is important you accurately convey the facts contained in your report. Learn tips and tricks from seasoned detectives and prosecutors to help you assuage any concerns or fears you have. In the course, you will learn what juries like, what judges hate, and how you can best prepare for your testimony and cross-examination.

Participants will:

  • Learn tips on how to testify in court.
  • Learn how to refresh recollection with and without a police report.
  • Learn special considerations for testifying at a jury trial.
  • Examine best practices for judges and juries.

Traumatic Stress and Vicarious Trauma – Officer Wellness

Duration: 3 Hours

This course will examine the effects of traumatic stress from a former police officer and prosecutor. You will hear firsthand in a compelling presentation how the stress of our occupations can have negative consequences. Part Two of this course will provide you with tools you can use to help identify and manage traumatic stress and prevent your loved ones from being affected vicariously by your trauma. Part Three of this course will focus on health, wellness, and relaxation.

Participants will:

  • Learn how trauma exposure and stress may influence officer mental/physical health, decisions and behavior.
  • Learn strategies that support good officer mental health.
  • Learn how to recognize when help is needed, barriers to seeking help, and how to access resources.

Training & Consulting Team

Imran Ali

Director, Law Enforcement Education & Training

Jerry Wallerich

LETAC Distinguished Faculty, Former Law Enforcement – 26 years

Tim Harris

LETAC Distinguished Faculty, Commander Washington County Sheriff’s Office – 21 years

Instructor Qualifications

Imran Ali is an attorney and the Director of Law Enforcement Education and Training for Eckberg Lammers. After serving over seventeen years as a felony-level prosecutor in the state of Minnesota, his extensive experience is recognized both in the courtroom and community. Imran has prosecuted some of the most complex cases in Minnesota. Working with victims of crime has provided Imran with the passion needed to succeed in the courtroom. He has developed law enforcement training programs that employ participates to serve their communities with honor and integrity while being equipped with the appropriate tools in decision-making. Imran has presented at prosecution and law enforcement conferences nationwide.

Commander Tim Harris is the Commander of the Patrol Division for the Washington County Sheriff. He started his career at the Minnesota Washington County Sheriff’s Office in 2000. While at Washington County, he has worked as a Correctional Officer, Patrol Deputy, Field Training Officer, D.A.R.E. Officer, Detective, Court Security Unit Sergeant, Water Parks & Trails Sergeant, Washington County Security Operations Sergeant, and Patrol Sergeant. He has taught multiple law enforcement courses throughout the state with the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, running and spending time with his family and friends.

Jerry Wallerich is a retired Minneapolis Police Sergeant with 26 years of law enforcement experience. He has over 10 years of experience specific to homicide and critical incident investigations. He has investigated complex cases and has testified dozens of times in jury trials and grand juries. Jerry has attended and presented at several conferences and seminars relating to homicide and death investigations. Jerry has over 12 years of Military service.


This course is offered and conducted by Eckberg Lammers' Law Enforcement Training Academy & Consulting team of experienced trainers and consultants.

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