Our training team has created a new and innovative training, set to enrich new perspectives on diversity and implicit bias training.

Discover a reimagined perspective on history through a fresh lens with M2M’s DEI and implicit bias training. Journey from the birth of our country to the present day, uncovering stories of resilience against oppression that reveal the roots of persistent inequalities and foster a deep understanding of diverse perspectives in America. This training isn’t just about the past; it’s a powerful exploration empowering us to collectively shape a more inclusive future.

This 4-hour class will immerse attendees in M2M’s curated educational adventure, breaking free from traditional boundaries to explore the rich cultures woven into America’s fabric. Engage your senses in a profound exploration that brings history to life, offering a new perspective on the issues facing communities today. It’s more than a history lesson; it’s an opportunity to build stronger, more connected communities for a brighter and more equitable future.

Historical context for modern impact

This training embarks on a historical journey through American’s past, connecting the dots from it to present day. It sheds light on instances where events and locations were not always inclusive, fostering a deeper understanding of persistent inequalities that have shaped the diverse perspectives among Americans.

Curated Immersive Experiences

This educational experience takes attendees beyond the confines of a traditional classroom and immerses them into rich cultures. This journey will not only transcend an academic setting but provides heightened learning through the sensory exploration of the human senses.

Eye-opening Perspectives on Community Paradigms

Attendees will gain valuable insights, empowering them with a deeper understanding of the diverse areas of community building and practical strategies for effective engagement.

Session Type & Duration

4 Hour, in-person session.

Available for continuing education credits.





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