From drafting an employee handbook to defending a wrongful termination claim, Eckberg Lammers provides a full spectrum of legal services designed to protect your business from potential liability.

We focus on prevention as the best cure for costly litigation by providing practical legal guidance in the following areas:

Actively providing practical legal guidance in the following areas:

  • General Counsel
    • Hiring
    • Discipline
    • Discharge
    • Layoff/reduction-in-force
    • Workplace investigations
    • Overtime
    • Wage & hour compliance
    • Sick & medical leave
    • Disability accommodation
    • Union avoidance


  • Litigation
    • Discrimination
    • Harassment/hostile work environment
    • Whistleblower
    • Retaliation
    • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • Overtime, wage & hour disputes
    • Prevailing wage
    • Unemployment compensation
    • Breach of contract
    • Tortious interference with contract
    • Misappropriation of trade secrets
    • Defamation
    • Wrongful discharge
    • Union Grievance


  • Practices, Policies & Contracts
    • Employee handbooks
    • Drug & alcohol testing policies
    • Social media policies
    • Workplace safety manuals
    • Employment applications
    • Employment agreements
    • Executive employment agreements
    • Deferred compensation agreements
    • Non-compete & non-solicitation agreements
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Separation & severance agreements
    • Independent contractor agreements
    • Collective bargaining agreements


  • Audits & Training
    • Wage and hour audits
    • Personnel file audits
    • Employment handbook and personnel policy audits
    • Discrimination/Harassment training
    • OSHA compliance


  • Workplace Investigations

    Our Labor & Employment team conducts independent workplace investigations for public and private organizations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, including:

    • Workplace & Personnel Policy Violations
    • Discrimination (race, age, gender, disability, etc.)
    • Harassment
    • Bullying
    • Retaliation
    • Embezzlement
    • Whistleblower Violation
    • Fraud
    • Misuse of Employer Property

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Our Labor & Employment Team

Meet Attorney Lida Bannink

In Our Clients’ Words

I wanted to take a moment this morning to express my appreciation and gratitude. We have been entrenched in a complex human resource issue for the past 15 months with one of our employees, and Lida has been a guiding light throughout the process. She has provided us with sound advice and direction as we navigated an evolving and fluid situation with significant challenges and complexity. We received an award and decision after a four-day trial, and I could not be more pleased with the outcome and the opinion.The decision is a direct reflection on Lida Bannink’s guidance, advice, case preparation, and trial performance. I have spent 31 years working in this industry, testified hundreds of times in court cases, and worked with a variety of attorney’s over the years in a courtroom setting. I followed along each day of the hearing and could not have been more impressed with Lida’s preparedness and presentation of the case. The decision is a win for Eckberg Lammers, for our organization, as well as for the community. More importantly, this decision will have a significant positive impact on the morale of our employees knowing we stand by our convictions of integrity, ethics, and professionalism; and we are willing to fight for those core values. Thank you on behalf of the members of our organization.
Labor & Employment Client