Comprehensive, cost-effective representation for municipalities

As both a tradition and a current practice, Eckberg Lammers has delivered comprehensive, cost-effective, and professional representation for municipalities throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin for more than 70 years.

The true strength of Eckberg Lammers is the firm’s breadth and depth of knowledge in municipal law and continuing goal to collaborate with municipalities to provide the highest level of service. Engaging with a comprehensive municipal law firm provides municipalities with robust and consistent representation, freeing public officials to concentrate on the important policy issues facing their municipality. Eckberg Lammers believes municipal representation is best approached as a partnership with full and frequent communication among all necessary parties and stakeholders.

Our attorneys are proficient in general municipal law matters, but are also knowledgeable in areas such as economic development, real estate, litigation, labor and employment, data practices and more.

Actively representing municipal clients in the following areas:

  • City Administration
    • City Charter advice
    • City council meetings & workshops
    • Contracts
    • Data Practices Act
    • Election laws
    • Open Meeting Law
    • Ordinances and resolutions


  • Community Development
    • Loan documentation & business incentive administration
    • Economic Development Authorities (EDAs)
    • Housing & Redevelopment Authorities (HRAs)
    • Minnesota Investment Fund (MIF) transactions
    • Wetlands, shoreline & floodplain ordinances


  • Land Use
    • Zoning amendments and interpretation
    • Plat & subdivision regulations
    • Conditional Use Permits (CUP)
    • Planned Unit Developments (PUD)
    • Interim moratoria and Interim Use Permits (IUP)
    • Commercial, residential, industrial and mixed-use developments
  • Licensing & Regulations
    • Code enforcement (civil and criminal)
    • Hazardous building identification & enforcement
    • Nuisances
    • Liquor
  • Procurement
    • Public bidding law compliance
    • Best value contracting
    • Construction contracts
  • Real Estate
    • Purchase agreements
    • Property closings
    • Title review
    • Easements
    • Eminent Domain
    • Annexation & detachment
    • Property disputes
  • Special Assessments
    • Public hearing notices
    • Improvement and assessment resolutions
    • Appeals defense
    • Unpaid charges certification


  • Utilities & Telecommunications
    • Utility easements
    • Gas & electric franchises
    • Cell phone towers
    • Cable franchises


Our Civil Municipal Counsel Team

Did You Know?

Eckberg Lammers provides significant added value to our municipal clients by also maintaining practices in:

Labor & Employment