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Eckberg Lammers has long placed an emphasis on partnerships with communities, providing unparalleled legal service to individuals, businesses, and municipalities; coupled with a focus on training and education to better the community on all levels. We help prepare leaders and workers of business and governmental agencies with the knowledge and skills to navigate their everyday responsibilities, providing training and consultative services that are informative, engaging, and focused on improving individual and organizational performance.

Our training and consulting professionals work as a team, or independently, based on the needs of each organization’s practical and legal considerations. The breadth of services we offer can be tailored to meet your organizations’ unique needs and specific circumstances, with the goal of providing customized training with the appropriate information and tools that prepare participants for improved day-to-day performance, better decision-making, enhanced team collaboration, healthier workplaces, and, when necessary, a better understanding of legal and litigation processes.

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Services Include:

  • Law Enforcement Training Academy & Consulting

    Focused on education and driven to empower participants to serve better serve their communities

    Our law enforcement training courses, presentations, and seminars are driven to empower participants to serve their communities with honor and integrity while being equipped with the appropriate tools for decision-making.


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  • Human Resources

    We understand how complicated it can be to successfully manage a team of employees while operating within the complicated scheme of federal, state, and local employment regulations. Our skilled Labor & Employment team provides customized workshops and training for public and private organizations to assist in this process. Some of our sessions include:

    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
    • Respect in the Workplace
    • Workplace Investigations
    • Handling ADA and FMLA requests
    • Worker Classification
    • HR Counsel 


  • Government Consulting Services

    Legal consultation, policy, education, and facilitation of ensured legal standards

    Our team will conduct internal assessments to help agencies take preemptive and constructive measures to meet disclosure requirements and also mitigate any issues related to Brady/Giglio, as well as other policy reviews.

    Services include:

    Law Enforcement Disclosure Obligations

    Internal Review Assessments for Law Enforcement Agencies


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  • Investigative Support Services

    We not only provide the best legal consultation from experienced and dedicated attorneys, we also provide many services in between. Whether you are a law enforcement agency looking for assistance in interpretation of digital forensic data, or an attorney preparing for a complex litigation needing experienced support, our investigative support team can help.

    Support Services include:

    • Complex Litigation Preparation
    • Digital Forensics Examination
    • Law Enforcement Investigative Support
    • Analyst Data Reports & Interpretation



    By clicking the learn more link you will leave this website, and go to our trusted training and consulting service website,, LETAC.

Our Training & Consulting Team Can Help

In Our Clients’ Words

Imran is an amazing, passionate, persuasive, and informative speaker. To say I have been impressed is an understatement. He is a veteran faculty member for the National District Attorney’s Association. Imran has been a leader in providing training, technical assistance, and other support for members of the criminal justice system and allied professionals all over the country. He is recognized as the go-to expert on human trafficking and not only demonstrates deep knowledge on the subject but a passion for protecting the most vulnerable communities.
Candace M. Mosley, Director of Programs—National District Attorney’s Association
Thank you for facilitating the session! I think council members took away how they could be better and raised to a more conscious level. I was encouraged to hear how members were going to ask questions of staff ahead of time and also felt support to run meetings tighter. This exceeded my expectations!
Team Building & Collaboration Client